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Welcome to PalliEd

PalliEd is a palliative care education website, designed originally for medical students but now accessible for all those interested in learning about palliative care in the UK. Its main focus is working through example clinical cases whose content has been created by doctors keen to contribute to palliative care education. It also provides links to other useful online resources as well as a blog from those involved in delivering palliative care so that you can gain a better overall understanding about what we do in this specialty and how we deliver it.

PalliEd is completely free to use! To access the clinical cases, please sign up to be a member. This will enable us to let you know when new cases are added (please check your junk mailbox).

Any donations to keep the site up and running would be greatly appreciated, please use the donate button at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in contributing to the clinical content of this site, please contact me.

Thank you and enjoy PalliEd!


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